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M31 and PANSTARRS Comet

The comet PANSTARRS and Galaxy M31, imaged by Brian and Robin Rice

Links to interesting websites

If you have found Astronomy sites that were helpful to you, let us know so that we can share them on this page so that others can benefit too.

The Go Stargazing Website If you are looking for good locations to go stargazing, or want to find events that are in your area, this is a great way to find them.

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory Sadly the Scottish Dark Skies Observatory was destroyed by fire in June 2021, and is no longer operational as it tries to recover from this tragic event.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021. The annual results for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition with some stunning pictures to enjoy.

The Galloway Astronomy Centre website. A local site with great local experience, knowledge and photographs, run by Mike Alexander and well worth a visit.

NASA images from the Hubble telescope. Start to explore some of the amazing images that have been taken by the Hubble telescope!

Choose from NASA Image Galleries from all NASA missions. The Astronomy Picture of the Day, Image Libraries, and Mission Galleries are all available to view here.

Stellarium. Stellarium is a free, opensource and multiplatform planetarium program. Download and install it as a good way to learn your way about the night sky.

An Interactive Tour of the Solar System We are still discovering some of the different things that can be done on this site. Once you have done the tour, click the link to the homepage below the title to find lots of information about all parts of the Solar System.

Heavens Above An excellent site for finding out what's in the sky and visible now.

Sky and Telescope Another great site for news, reference, and all things astronomical.

A Moon phase calculator This calculates the moon phase for your timezone, which is useful! It does require that the clock on your computer is correct though, as it uses this to set the timezone.

The Sky at Night The BBC have a range of interesting and informative pages, this one for the Sky at night program.

The website of the Society for Popular Astronomy

The website of the British Astonomical Association.

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